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Professional Spider Pest Control Charlotte NC

Scientists have identified approximately 40,000 spider species. Spiders are both venomous and non-venomous, with the former being the most dangerous. As a member of the Araneae order, the spider is an arthropod, with four sets of legs and between six and eight eyes, and unique mouthparts. Spiders utilize their fangs to feed, envenoming prey, and fighting off predators.

Spiders have unique physical characteristics that allow them to develop webs out of silk. The insect’s abdominal glands generate a secretion that is combined with proteins to create websites. The spider’s web is utilized to trap small insects and rodents for food.

Evidence shows the spider has a long life of about 25 years in controlled environments. Spider prey include spiders, mice, birds, insects, and other wild creatures. The spider is a solitary insect species, meaning, it travels, feeds, and lives alone. Basically, when a spider is detected indoors, it is not accompanied by other spiders.

Solitary insects like the spider species do not colonize, resulting in a lower risk of infestation. There is small-, medium-, and large-sized spiders, most of which have bodies covered with a thin layer of fuzz. The fuzz covers the spider’s abdomen, torso, legs, back, and head. Some spider species are tan, brown, black, dark gray, black & yellow, reddish/brown, marmorated, red, yellow, and multi-colored.

Do Spiders Pose Health Risks To Humans?

Venomous spider bites are extremely dangerous. Non-venomous spider bites not so much, resulting in little to no allergic reaction. Severe spider bites may result in localized skin infection and systemic toxicity. When left untreated, the infection can lead to necrosis of impacted tissue. Evidence shows venomous spider bites have resulted in the death of only a few human victims.

Antibiotics and sometimes debridement of necrotic tissue or amputation are required to fully treat severe spider bites.

Why Are Spiders Infiltrating My Home?

Spiders do not target specific homes or businesses. When the arthropods infiltrate buildings, it is oftentimes accidental. When the insects are discovered in residential settings, they are found in damp, dark, warm/cool, and discrete areas. More spiders are reportedly detected in basements, crawlspaces, and bathrooms than in any other indoor area.

What Is The Quickest And Safest Pest Control Strategy For Spiders?

Our professional pest management is regarded as one of the top extermination strategies for spider infiltration. We combine spider bait with routine visual inspection to ensure the best outcome in the shortest duration. We highly suggest our professional spider control to property owners because it is guaranteed effective.

Our professional spider management is designed to help control the population in Charlotte. When implemented properly, our extermination strategy can help control the population, resulting in fewer new cases of spider infiltration.

Does Spider Pest Control Utilize Dangerous Chemicals?

Conventional spider management does chemicals that are toxic to the environment when improperly administered, handled, and stored. With the help of the pesticide guidelines established by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), we can do our jobs more efficiently.

It is unfortunate when humans are faced with a task like spider exterminations. Inexperience is why many victims never regain control of their properties. While some will opt for do-it-yourself strategies, others will continue to ignore their spider problems.

The EPA has established guidelines that require all manufacturers to seek and obtain approval to legally produce and sell their pesticides in the United States. Manufacturers refusing to heed the guidelines will be prohibited from producing and promoting their insecticides within the US borders.

How Long Does It Take To Approve A Spider Inspection Service Request?

Our pest control service processing takes between 24 and 48 hours to complete. Once the process is complete, our customer support will then reach out to the client to set up the appointment. We highly recommend immediate action to avoid any unnecessary delay that could complicate your case.

What Can I Do To Spider-Proof My Home In The Future?

Sealing all exterior-to-interior access points utilized by spiders to infiltrate your home. Cracks and gaps around window and door frames, vulnerabilities in air conditioning ducts, crawlspace vents, and electrical wiring passageways.

Are Brown Recluse Spider Sightings Common In Charlotte, North Carolina?

Entomologists all across the United States have studied the pattern of brown recluse activity nationwide. Most of these experts agree brown recluse spiders are one of the top deadliest spider species worldwide. The black widow and brown widow spider species are considered slightly more dangerous than the brown recluse spiders. However, experts believe brown recluse venom can be deadly in rare cases.

Our spider management is available to all property owners, tenants, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, religious entities, hospitals, and skilled nursing facilities. Our goal is to control the spider population to minimize the number of new cases reported in Charlotte.

We highly recommend our spider management consultation and inspection, both of which are available via appointment only. To learn more, contact our Charlotte customer support via email, social media, or landline.

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