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What Is A Box Elder Bug?

If you are like most people, you’ve likely never heard of a box elder bug. This is nothing to be ashamed of, as you’ve probably seen the bugs around, but just didn’t know them by name. These are very distinctive creatures with their red markings and flat wings. An adult elder bug can grow to be about ½ inch long, but it is the red marking and flat wings that are their distinctive features. Along with this, these bugs are commonly found feeding on ash trees, maple trees, cherry trees, and box elder trees. This is how they got their name.

Why Do I Have Box Elder Bugs?

Boxelder bugs are overwintering pests, which means if you see them in the home, they are looking for a place to ride out the harsh winter months ahead. That’s what overwintering pests do. This means you’ll only potentially see them in the late summer or early fall months. They’ll be looking for a warm, safe place to spend the winter season.

Box elder bugs usually take refuge in exterior walls or cracks and crevices in the foundation of homes. All in all, these bugs are more of a nuisance than a threat.

Are They Dangerous?

As you just learned, box elder bugs are not a threat. They don’t carry or transmit diseases. They don’t bite and they don’t pose you or your pets a threat. They are nothing more than a nuisance pest.

It is important to note, box elder bugs produce a natural secretion, utilized as an insect repellent. The secretion is based on a natural chemical known as “pyridine.” The natural pyridine-based secretion is emitted when the box elder bug feels threatened or injured during a flight, landing, or escape attempt. Any human or animal in the nearby vicinity when the insect releases the pyridine secretion will know it.

The pyridine secretion contains properties that have a foul odor and staining agents. The secretion has been shown to stain furniture upholstery, wall paint, furniture stain, and other materials. It is important to know what you are up against before swatting a box elder bug. The risks are foul odor and surface staining.

Eliminating Box Elder Bugs

Just because box elder bugs are only a nuisance it doesn’t mean that people want them in their homes. Due to their ability to delve deep into cracks and crevices, these critters can be hard to eliminate. The very best solution will be to opt for professional assistance. A professional with the experience and know-how will have the experience and knowledge as to how to deal with these pests in the most effective manner possible.

Can You Eliminate Elder Bugs On Your Own?

A lot of people these days are looking to DIY treatments when it comes to pest control. This is understandable as to why. It’s not only cheaper, but it means you don’t have to worry about strangers in the home. Of course, this doesn’t mean it’s the right way to go. It likely won’t be the way to go. Most over-the-counter pesticides aren’t as effective as the chemicals the pros use, and you’ll likely spend months and months fighting a losing battle. On top of all this, pesticides used in the wrong manner in the wrong situation can be extremely dangerous.

Are Your Industrial-Strength Treatment Options Safe?

Anytime pesticides are utilized as a means of pest management there should be a cause for concern. This is especially true when children and pets are involved. We do offer a handful of natural eco-friendly pest solutions, but there are times when pesticides are the right answer. When these situations arise, we make sure we take every precaution possible. We only utilize trained and certified techs to administer the pesticide. We only want the best for our customers and that’s why we practice these precautions along with continued education.

We partner with North Carolina manufacturers that have gone through the proper channels to seek EPA approval for their pesticides. The Environmental Protect Agency (EPA) oversees the production and sale of pesticides in the United States. All manufacturers operating within the US borders must obtain EPA approval for their pest control products. The same rule applies to manufacturers that plan to sell their pest control products to American consumers.

Why is the EPA pesticide approval process so important? First, it helps protect American consumers from potentially dangerous ingredients utilized by some international manufacturers.

Can I Prevent Box Elder Bugs For Invading My Home?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter what you do, you will never be able to eliminate your threat of invasion from box elder bugs. In specific locations, these bugs are always going to be looking for a safe place to ride out the harsh winter months. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything. And, it doesn’t also mean that you can’t mitigate your risks. You can do just that by implementing the right strategies. Work with our trained professionals to develop and implement these strategies!

What You Can Do To Help?

At maturity box elder bugs measure no larger than ½ inch in length, allowing them access homes through tiny crevices. It is crucial to seal these openings to prohibit the insect from infiltrating your home. We highly suggest a waterproof sealant – caulk or silicone. Larger openings, such as utility passageways, leading from the mainline and into your home. Utility openings are generally very large. In fact, the openings are too large to be sealed with a waterproof sealant.

To seal the public utility openings, we suggest custom plywood or metal sheeting. The material must be precisely cut to fill in the opening, without comprising the flow of electricity, water, and sewage.

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