Heat Treatment

Unfortunately, a bedbug infestation will prove to be difficult to deal with. You’ll have many treatments to choose from, but not all of them are reliable. On the other hand, some of these techniques are unsafe. Although your options are plentiful, you should strongly consider relying on our thermal heat treatments. We recommend this method because it offers immense benefits.

Besides offering Cryonite and steam treatments, we also offer full-scale thermal heat treatments. We believe heat is one of the best tools you can use again bedbugs.

Heat Kills Bedbugs

There are numerous ways to eliminate bedbug infestation. Nevertheless, some of these methods are more effective and efficient than others. When locals call our office and describe their bedbug problems, we often recommend using heat to deal with the problem. Heat is a reliable option that can effectively treat the entire home simultaneously. Our heat machine will increase the temperature throughout the home. Therefore, all bedbugs in the home will be exposed to hot temperatures.

Even if they’re hiding in cracks and holes, it will reach and kill them. Heat slips through all cracks and crevices so bedbugs will not find a place to hide. Our heat treatments work by increasing the temperature in the home to 140-degrees or higher. Again, our heat treatments will wipe out all of the bedbugs in the home.

Unless the bedbugs can escape the home they’ll die. The heat will reach and kill them. We highly recommend using our heat treatments because it is great for all bedbug infestations.

The Most Reliable Treatment

Are you looking for the most reliable bedbug treatment? If so, you should call and ask about our bedbug heat treatments. While you have other options, we believe heat could be the best choice for you. Just remember that no bedbug treatment is fool-proof. As a result, there are risks that the bedbugs are going to survive. Bedbugs may slip through a crack and exit your home. If this happens, the bugs may return and infest your home again. Our technicians will take steps to prevent this from happening.

Although no method is fool-proof, heat treatments are better than the rest. Ultimately, bedbugs cannot survive when they’re exposed to incredibly hot temperatures. Therefore, they’ll die if they cannot escape. We’ll make sure that they’re trapped in your home so they’ll be eliminated.

Keeping The Right Temperatures

Ultimately, our technicians need to go above and beyond to maintain the right temperatures. If the correct temperatures are not maintained, the bedbugs will survive. We need to make sure that the temperatures remain at 140-degrees for at least two hours or longer. If we can do this, we’ll complete the treatment and wipe out the infestation. It is pertinent to maintain these temperatures without fluctuations.

If the temperatures dip too high or too low, the bedbugs may survive. Our technicians are trained thoroughly to ensure that they’re going to properly maintain the right temperatures from start to finish. If this doesn’t happen, the bedbugs will remain in your home. We won’t let that happen. We will make sure that the temperatures stay at 140-degrees for three to four hours to guarantee that the pests are wiped out.

Evacuate The Home

We’ll do everything we can to protect you from start to finish. One way we do that is by making sure that the homeowner stays out of the home during the treatment process. Our heat treatments are generally safe, but we don’t want to take any risks. We recommend scheduling the treatment when you’re going to be out of the home. It would be wise to find another place to stay for 10 hours or longer.

Thankfully, our bedbug heat treatment doesn’t take long. In most cases, we can get in and out within a few hours. Once we’ve finished eliminating the bedbugs and cleaning up your home, we’ll give you a call. Our technicians are eager to begin helping you. Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment today.

Our technicians are ready to work hard to help you fix the problem. We can provide you with tips and suggestions for dealing with the infestations. Plus, we’ll give you advice for keeping them out. We serve Charlotte and all nearby cities.

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