Professional Mosquito Pest Controlling

The mosquito is highly known for spreading deadly diseases – yellow fever, West Nile fever, Dengue fever “black bone fever,” malaria, and encephalitis. These diseases are spread through a mosquito bite. Both humans and animals have been diagnosed with mosquito-borne illnesses. We believe, our professional pest management can help control the mosquito population, resulting in fewer new cases of infestation and infection.

Mosquitoes are a unique insect species, as some overwinter, while others are active during all seasons. Overwintering is a deep sleep state that allows insects to survive the winter on minimal nutrients derived from stored fats.

What Is The Solution For Mosquito Overpopulation?

Mosquitoes are solitary insects, meaning they do not need to colonize to survive. Solitary mosquitoes live and travel alone. They also overwinter alone. While it is risky living as a solitary insect, mosquitoes fairly very well. Thanks to overwintering, mosquitoes can endure the winter away from the elements.

Overwintering allows mosquitoes to enter and remain in hiding throughout the winter season. No foraging for food in harsh weather – icy rain, single-digit temperatures, cold winds, and blowing snow. Being exposed to the winter elements is extremely difficult for mosquitoes.

Mosquito activity is at its highest in the late fall and spring. Late fall is when mosquitoes begin preparing to enter the overwintering state. Beginning in the spring, mosquitoes begin to wake up from overwintering, just in time for the breeding season.

How Does Professional Pest Control Help?

Professional pest control helps communities control their mosquito population. When the mosquito population is out of control, property owners will begin to report more infestation, infiltration, and diseases.

Our professional mosquito management includes the following:

  • Pinpointing mosquito breeding grounds
  • Pinpointing structural weaknesses that open homes up to mosquito infiltration
  • Insecticide treatment when needed
  • Larvicide application for control of the adult population
  • Mosquito activity monitoring
  • Mosquito management impact on pollination

Our extermination team is trained in mosquito management. We help local property owners fight back against mosquitoes through public awareness and our pest control services. While mosquitoes may appear innocent and harmless, they are far from it. These insects transmit life-threatening diseases to humans and animals. With our mosquito management, our communities have more control over the population. When the population is under control, fewer home infiltration and infestation cases.

We offer free consultation and inspection to home and business owners. Our goal is to minimize the risk of mosquito-borne illnesses.

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