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What Is A Beetle?

When it comes to the insect kingdom, there are many unique creatures. Some harm the environment while some contribute to it. Say what you will, but the beetle is without a doubt one of the most interesting creatures in the kingdom. With two sets of wings and bad vision, the beetle can be both harmful and helpful to the environment. Pretty unique when you think about it. Another interesting thing is, these beetles all come from the same order, but differ in color and size. That being said, some of the most common beetles in North America are the Ground Beetle, the Powder Post Beetle, and the Longhorn Beetle.

Why Do People Have Beetles?

There are a variety of reasons that a beetle can invade properties. However, there are some more common reasons than others. These would be woodpiles, rotting wood, firewood piles, leaf piles, and bright light. Bright light around windows and doors can attract beetles.

Are Beetles Dangerous?

The beetle is considered nothing more than a nuisance pest in many situations. However, there are some species, like the Powder Post Beetle, that can cause severe damage to wooden structures. Given their propensity for wood, these critters can do extensive amounts of damage to wooden structures. They’ll plow through anything made of wood, including but not limited to beams, furniture, wooden structures, and wood frames.

How Do You Eliminate Beetles?

Unfortunately, beetles are extremely difficult to eliminate. And, this is because there are usually so many luring factors around homes and properties. All these things are just inviting to the pest. This is why it usually requires the assistance of a professional pest management firm.

Can I Eliminate Beetles Myself?

You can try to eliminate beetles yourself. If you search the Internet, you’ll no doubt find tons of alternative and DIY solutions. You might even find over-the-counter pesticides for sale. However, the truth of the matter is, it’s best to just turn to the pros right from the beginning. This is something that’ll save you both time and money. The reason for this is because there is only so much these over-the-counter pesticides can do. In addition to this, to truly eliminate the problem, you must understand what’s luring the beetles in and how to eliminate that problem.

When Will You Get Here?

We are always available for your beetle problems. We also offer a wide variety of other pest management solutions. That being said, this is something that keeps our techs pretty busy all year round. However, do not let this stop you from calling because we are more than willing to accommodate. Whether it is a question, a concern, or you want to schedule an in-home assessment, we’ll have someone out to the property within 24 to 48 hours after you make that initial call.

Are Your Professional Beetle Control Treatments Safe?

Thanks to technology and the advancement of the pest industry, we now offer a variety of eco-friendly pest management solutions. However, there are times when we have to utilize pesticides. In these situations, we make sure we utilize someone who is certified and trained in handling these chemicals. All our techs are EPA certified and trained to safely handle the pesticides needed to kill beetles.

Pesticide guidelines established by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) require all manufacturers to apply for approval before their pesticides can enter the American market. The EPA pesticide approval process can take years to complete.

How Much Does Treatment Cost?

It is hard to give you a straight-up quote for beetle treatment. And, this is because each situation is different. Each situation is very unique in its own right and giving you a quote would be unfair. We can say that we are fair, honest, and upfront about our pricing. If our techs quote you a specific price for a specific type of treatment, you can rest assured that’s what you’ll pay when all said and done.

How Can I Protect My Charlotte Property From A Future Beetle Infiltration?

Educate Friends, Family, And Neighbors

Beetle activity is at its highest in the late fall and mid-spring. Late fall is when beetles begin preparing to enter the overwintering state. Overwintering is a natural process, similar to hibernation. Beetle overwintering starts between late fall and early winter. During this duration, the insects initiate infiltration into residential and commercial establishments.

Overwintering beetles do not reproduce, breed, or feed following the infiltration of homes and businesses. Beetles will remain in the establishment until next spring, generally in the latter part of the season.

Seal Beetle Access Points

There is basically one factor that contributes to beetle infiltration. This factor is a vulnerable residential pest barrier. While buildings do not have physical pest barriers, they do have a series of structural components that work together to keep pests outdoors. These components include doors, windows, walls, ceilings, and floors, all of which make up the structure of your home.

We highly suggest a waterproof or weatherproof sealant to close tiny openings around entrance thresholds, air conditioning duct connections, crawlspace vents and entranceways, damaged siding, door frames, and garage door seals.

Keep Doors And Windows Sealed When Beetle Activity Is High

Spring and fall cleaning prompts Charlotte residents to air out their homes and businesses. Many will go as far as to open their doors and windows, permitting the air to flow throughout their homes. This is a great way to improve ventilation, as part of spring and fall cleaning strategies. Unfortunately, taking this ventilation route leaves homes exposed to beetle infiltration.

We highly suggest installing screens over doors and windows instead of leaving them fully exposed to the elements and insects. Overwintering pests like beetles, stinkbugs, flies, ladybugs, box elder bugsboxelder bugs, and earwigs prefer the indoors to their natural habitats.

When insets are overwintering state, they are completely exposed to dangerous winter weather – snow, icy rain, single-digit temperatures, and cold wind. Avoiding winter elements is only possible through successful home infiltration. If your home’s pest barrier is vulnerable or doors/windows are opening during peak season, it will be on the beetle’s radar.

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