Charlotte NC Is Awaiting Your Arrival

Traveling throughout the United States is a great treat for a single or family. One of the first stops you should make is Charlotte, North Carolina. This city is rapidly growing and filled with various forms of entertainment suitable for everyone. The city is home to over 756,000 residents, which is just within the city limits, with a regional population of over 2 million. Charlotte is the located in Mecklenburg County and primary business center of the Carolinas.

Central District

Many locals refer to the uptown area as the “Center of Things”. The reason behind this is because the city is located in the confines of the city. Here, you will find some of the most prominent businesses, government offices, and several high-rise condos. Believe it not, there is something for everyone to do in the central district. If you enjoy the nightlife, you will definitely want to schedule a visit to Charlotte after hours. The nightclubs and theaters are operating at full force during this timeframe.

If you are interested in some southern hospitality, you will definitely find it here. The residents are extremely friendly and open to tourism. In fact, many of the locals will gladly show you around the city and provide you with an educational lesson on southern culture and cuisine.

South End Neighborhood

Within proximity of the central district is the South End neighborhood. This area was once known as the mill district, because it is located near the railroad tracks. Today, it is filled with ice cream shops, museums, and children-oriented stores. This is the place that your children have been waiting on and don’t be surprised, when you child refuses to exit the area. There is also something here for the design enthusiast. Galleries lined in a roll along the streets are the perfect place to receive a few pointers on design and an artifact to take home.

Myers Park

Myers Park is a one of the homiest areas in the city. In fact, many locals refer to the areas as “old money neighborhood.” The winding avenues are lined with large trees that hang over the streets, making the area look more inviting and picturesque. Many tourists will flock to Myers Park, just to escape the hectic city and it is not wonder why. If you are looking for a special place to rest on your trip to Charlotte, be sure to head down to Myers Park. Charlotte’s most expensive and oldest homes are located in this area and there are driving tours available, if you do not have time for a leisure walk around the neighborhood.


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