Best Mattress Covers For Stopping Bed Bugs

Homeowners and renters should go above and beyond to defend their homes from potential invaders. Bedbugs are tricky to prevent since they’re small and wise. They can find ways to invade regardless. Nevertheless, you should take numerous steps to stop these pests from getting inside. Using a bedbug mattress cover is wise.

Bedbugs & Mattresses

Once bedbugs invade residential dwellings, they’re going to quickly find a place to hide. Many of these pests are going to hide on beds. Bedbugs often hide on mattresses and box springs. If you’re not using a mattress cover, you’re leaving your door unlocked and open for these invaders to slip inside. Using a bedbug mattress cover will prevent bedbugs from accessing and hiding on the mattress. Roughly 90% of the bedbugs in an invasion will hide on the mattress and box spring. Using a reliable cover is an effective way to trap and eliminate them. Below, you’ll learn more about bedbug mattress protectors.

More About Bedbug Mattress Protectors

Bedbug mattress protectors are great for defending a dwelling from bedbugs. The cover is a large piece of fabric that can be wrapped around your mattress. Once it is installed, it can be zipped closed. One of these products will provide numerous benefits since it is going to stop bedbugs from living on your mattress. Plus, it will trap bedbugs currently hiding on the mattress. Within a matter of weeks, the bedbugs trapped will starve to death. Suffice to say, people dealing with a bedbug infestation should take advantage of bedbug mattress protectors.

Choosing A Mattress Cover For Bedbugs

When searching for a mattress cover for your home, it is pertinent to get the best one for your money. Follow the advice below to ensure that you’re going to get a reliable, high-quality mattress cover. Full Encasement First, you need to look for a full encasement. Some bedbug mattress covers will only cover a portion of the mattress. Although these mattresses can help, they aren’t nearly as effective as full encasements. Switch to a full encasement to ensure that you’re going to achieve the results you’re after.

Seals Properly

Make sure that you choose a mattress cover that will properly seal. The mattress cover needs a high-quality, durable zipper. When properly zipped, the mattress cover should prevent bedbugs from leaving the mattress. It’ll also stop other bedbugs from reaching the mattress. You’ll also want to choose a mattress cover with reinforced seams. The combination will ensure that the mattress protector is durable and built to last.


These products need to be tested extensively. You never know what is going to happen. Therefore, you should pick a mattress cover that is properly tested. It should be thoroughly tested to ensure that the mattress cover will work exceptionally well.

Free Of Toxic Materials

Finally, you’ll want to choose a high-quality mattress protector that is free of toxins. Remember that you’re going to sleeping incredibly close to the mattress encasement. If you’re not careful, you’re going to breathe in dangerous chemicals. Use a toxin-free cover to avoid potential issues.

Effectiveness of Mattress Covers For Bedbugs

Anyone worried about bedbugs should learn more about bedbug mattress encasements. These products aren’t going to eliminate the infestation, but they’ll lessen the blow. A mattress cover is going to eliminate any bedbugs trapped on the mattress. It will also prevent bedbugs from reaching the mattress.  The only problem is that you’re going to find more bedbugs in your home. Bedbugs could be hiding in your bag, clothes, furniture, and elsewhere. Therefore, it is pertinent to use multiple solutions to rectify the problem. Call an exterminator and let them deal with the remaining bedbugs.

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